16th week :)


The paper is scheduled on 6th January 2014 , Monday . Oh Monday blues ~ Given time is 1 hour , all objective as what we being told . We’re going to sit for this paper at DP BPA , Dewan Perpustakaan Bangunan Pembangunan Akademik . As the exam is in 2 days more , lets struggle for it . Β Until then , to be continued after exam . See ya ! πŸ˜€


Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir. Rabbi tamim bil khoir.

Bittaufiq wannajah fil imtihan everyone ! πŸ˜€


15th Week

Greetings peeps ! So how are you doing ? Hope all of you are doing great every single time πŸ™‚

Class ended already for last week , the glorious Edutechnovation Day . Haha . But now am here again to share or write on exam’s preparation that I try to do for this subject paper . Emm emmm to be honest , I didnt prepare anything yet for this subject . Hehe . We just finished TITAS paper on thursday so today is Friday so still in rest mood . Lol . Sorry lecturer , facilitators πŸ˜›

But we already got slides / powerpoint from other course that take this subject also , the Sport Recreation and Pendidikan Khas students . So maybe we could revise from there for this final exam . Oh , we also got some spot questions (ehem) but yeah we cant depend or believe 100% of the spot . We didnt know either where the spot coming from . But still , I’ll try to have look on overall to make sure not even one thing are left behind .

I decide to start revising tomorrow because I’m not quite well today . The sore throat , cough , flu are coming after me . Exam’s phenomenon maybe . Sigh . So do pray for better health of me tomorrow so I could really focus on revising for this Educational Technology paper . InsyaAllah . So thats all from me for this post . Adios ~


P/s : writing while wearing coolfever and also koyok/koyop on head . Dizzy *_*

Oh not to be forgotten , here my simple 1 Minute Pitch video . Have a look πŸ™‚

14th Week

Edutechnovation Day Β πŸ™‚

Yeah , real edutechnovation day . Haha . As what we did last week , we did it again this week . The different is we were judged not only by lecturer and facilitators but also a few of our TESL seniors too *heartbeat sounds*

Our group also being the 3rd presenter as last week anddd guess what ? We are the champion ! {We’re the champion ~ #nowplaying } heeeeee πŸ˜€ Alhamdulillah , we’re so glad , so grateful that our video won 1st place for this project . Its very unexpectable because other groups also produced great and awesome videos . But maybe , its our luck to win that for this Edutechnovation Day . Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ Its feels really great that our effort throughout this whole semester like paid off . All the sleepless night , the sudden change of idea in video , the last minute work (ehem) . Lol . Thank you to Dr Rosseni , Mr Helmi , Mr Fuad , Kak Ana and also all facilitators and seniors . Thank you *bow*

So now lets the pictures talk about the day . Enjoyyy πŸ˜€















And the champion goes to …………. *rolldrum* GG CREATION !!!













Alhamdulillah again for His blessing , we manage to complete our task on produced a video for this course . All videos are really great and amazing . Congratulation dearest classmates , TESLIANS FTW ! πŸ˜€ So I guess thats all for Edutechnovation Day . Me , Nur Anis Nadirah Ahmad Fauzi for my individual blog . Bubyeee πŸ˜‰

Last , enjoy the video πŸ˜€

13th Week

Pre-Edutechnovation Β Day ! πŸ˜€

We were sooo excited for today (which make us to not sleep for few days ehem :p) ! Actually we were told that today is the real Edutechnovation Day but it happened that this is some sort a pre or a practise actually for the real one next week . But to us that thought this is the day , we did the preparation since 2-3 days before bcs we dont want to dissapoint the lecturer and facilitators again . We , to be honest sleep at 3-4am the past few days to complete all the tasks bcs we also have other taska and assignments from other subjects that should be submitted by this week too since this is almost final week of lectures . Β So we were quite struggling to finish the final video that we changed totally , the poster , and for sure group and individual blogs . Phewww , hectic week indeed ~

So here some posters that we try to produce and got some comments from the lecturer and facilitators to improve the poster and also get the permissions as our final poster and print it for this Edutechnovation day .









Now time to choose ! The final one is……………………… TADAAAAAAAAA !


Great one isnt it ? Hihi . At last , we have a poster that really related to our video πŸ™‚ So now for the pre-edutechnovation day , we GG CREATION was the 3rd presenter . And to be honest again , we didnt prepared or practised for the presentation due to last minute work actually on finishing the videos and preparing the slides yet Alhamdulillah we did quite well for those who not prepared at all . Seriously , we have neither script nor text . 100% spontaneous . Haha .

All groups also did very well for the this Pre-Edutechnovation Day . Amazing videos , amazing presentations . Creative Teslians are creative much . Go Teslians go ! Hihi πŸ˜€ The lecturer and facilitators also seems happy and satisfied with all our presentations and videos bcs they said we totally impressed them by all the changed we did to our videos to make it more interesting and more comercial values in it . The sentence of the day that I could quote here is

“You work best under pressure” (Dr Rosseni,2013)

And indeed we are . In anything , work under pressure sometimes is the best situation to boost up the motivation in order to produce something great πŸ˜€ Β *yawning* ehem , excuse me . I need to cover up my sleepless night . Oh btw , do enjoy our video with link above and lets sign up for organ donation ! Β πŸ˜‰

12th Week

*Maafkan Kami* #nowplaying #nowsinging #nowlistening

So this week , a bit frustrated week . We’re sorry for our fault , that we neglected the individual blog bcs we’re too focus on video production and also group’s blog . SORRY , SORRY , SORRY 😦

Kak Ana and Dr.Rosseni did spotcheck evaluation on our individual blogs a night before the class and they really get a shock and dissapointed bcs most of us didnt complete our individual blogs reflections as asked at first class of this course . We only managed to get 10/30 for the blogs which totally nonsense marks bcs we supposed to get more than that bcs its just a simple tasks , we write what we learn from the class every week but we’re sorry that we totally dissapoint the lecturer and also facilitators for our failure in completing the task . Sorry , from heart 😦

Dr.Rosseni told us that she was so angry for that and we expected to get scold for our failure but instead of getting scold , she talked to us nicely . Like a mother talk to her children ya know ? She gave us advice about our attitude and also the marks we should achieve for this subject , which is everyone deserve an A . This is so touched , so deep . I felt damn guilty for make such nice and great lecturer and facilitators dissapointed with us . So started the class , we promised to try harder and give our best of best effort for the class , insyaAllah πŸ™‚

So we created the mile stone for this course for coming weeks and tasks .


Next , Mr Helmi explained a bit on Edutechnovation Day that will be done next week . Β We have to prepare the final video , poster and also slides for presentation . Although we have only a week , but we will try our best to make it really great in order to make the lecturers and facilitators proud of our work after been dissapointed before . Yeah , lets strive for it girls !

Oh , almost forget this part . The facilitators also asked us to show the videos to them and they commented on oit for improvement . The facilitators quite satisfied with our video but we , the members actually felt something is missing with the video Β . The attraction , the commercial values seems lack a bit . And then , *pling* ! Sudden brilliant idea come up in brainstorming process afterwards that will enhance the video insyaAllah . Wanna know what is it ? Stay tuned , will be back next week . See ya ! πŸ˜€

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=564521670290133Β – video link .

11th week

Greetings everyone ! πŸ˜€

Its poster week ! We were assigned to make or create a poster for our video production . Its not totally our first time in creating poster bcs we used to involve with some programmes before that use poster as marketing and promotion strategy but we were not the one who handling the process of making the poster from first to the last touch . So we could say here that we actually have really minor knowledge on this thingy .

But thanks to Mr Helmi , Kak Ana and Brother Fuad for their guide again in using Adobe Photoshop in order for us to make a poster yet actually , ermm ermmm we didnt succeed even a draft for our poster bcs we totally have no idea on how our poster will look like , according to our video . We cant figure out what should we put on the poster , what we really have to show on the poster . Kinda blur actually . Hurmmm .

Still here , the one we did “main2” bcs we couldnt think about the real poster .



We’ll try to brainstorm again on the idea of our poster . May everything be eased later . Goodbye ! πŸ˜‰

10th week !

10th week ! 10th week ! 10th week ! *echos*

Assalamualaikum wbt ladies and gentleman πŸ™‚ Its time for midterm assesment . At first , were like “What ? Midterm ? History of Fpend ? :O” Lol much . The response was like that because we heard during our 1st year tha we wont be having any midterm or midsem bcs Fpend never have it . So its kind of a shock reaction when Kak Ana announced about this midterm assesment .

We need to present our video progress and will be evaluated by video presentation and also individual participation during presentation .


So here , the last minute (ehem) hard work our GG CREATION board members at PTSL . Phewww ~




As for me , this hard work were quite worth it bcs the facilitators are quite satisfied with our video progress . Alhamdulillah . May the progress afterwards will be eased again . Thats all for this midterm refection . Thank you πŸ˜€